You might recall our earlier look at the work of Dutch photographer Gerco de Ruijter, who has been documenting the landscape phenomenon known as “grid corrections,” or where the U.S. road system is forced to deviate in order to account for the curvature of the Earth.

De Ruijter has now animated many dozens of those photos, with a soundtrack by Michel Banabila, into a one-minute video, embedded above. Watch roads tick into and out alignment across the American plains, as a grid of rectilinear lines faces geometric defeat on the surface of a sphere.

(Read more over at Travel + Leisure).

3 thoughts on “Gridshifting”

  1. Wow so cool! Jefferson in geologic time. Townships and meridians drifting like continents through deep time.

    1. Hey, Eddie—It should be available through, but, if you’re thinking of potentially reviewing it for the FT, I’m sure my publisher could get a copy sent out. Let me know. Thanks for the interest!

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