The Most Indoors

[Image: Inside NYC’s old post office, Instagram by BLDGBLOG].

“Suppose we define an indoors number as the number of doorways that one must pass through to get from a given location to the outdoors. What location has the highest number?

What room in the world is the furthest indoors?

5 thoughts on “The Most Indoors”

  1. Some water faring vessel, perhaps? All those bulkheads to keep hull breaches contained… I always feel the furthest from the outside when I'm several decks down inside a big ship.

  2. Interesting idea. But what other ways could one define an Indoor value? What's more indoors, a room connected to the outside by a ten-foot hallway containing 10 sliding doors? A room 1 mile underground connected to the surface by a single elevator*? A room one-story underground, connected to the surface by a single elevator that requires an hour to transverse the distance?

    * Does an elevator door count as one door or two? While technically a loop (you go through and exit the same door), that same door occupies two different physical locations.

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