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Spatially speaking, the game Parallax looks pretty amazing, especially now that, in the words of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the developers—two students at Queen’s University, calling themselves Toasty Games—have “decided to turn off all the gravity.”

The resulting “gravitational surface test,” seen in the first video embedded above, lets you twist, meander, level-hop, and corkscrew around inside the game’s “overlapping spatial dimensions,” passing through portals on windowed ribbons of black and white space.

The game has not been released yet, but, if it looks like something you might want to play someday, consider voting for Parallax over on Steam Greenlight.

2 thoughts on “Parallax View”

  1. With computers simulating the world a game could be anything. Anything at all.
    So why are these games always set in decayed cities, with buildings, and humanoids running around them with gun like things???
    It's good to see at least one game maker doing something new.

  2. To be fair, Anonymous, this particular trailer shows neither decayed cities, buildings, gun-like things, or humanoids. For all we know, the player is a piece of sentient toast.
    I agree that computer simulations should be used to create more un-worldly things and scenarios–and some developers are exploring those–but I also think a some gamers need some sort of "link" to the real world so the games make sense.

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