The Guatemala City Abyss

[Image: The abyss, courtesy of National Geographic News].

“After rumbling for weeks,” we read, “part of a poor Guatemala City neighborhood plummeted some 30 stories into the Earth on Friday.”
The gigantic sinkhole into which those homes plummeted is referred to as “the Guatemala City abyss.”

(Via gravestmor. But don’t miss The town at risk from cave-ins, earlier on BLDGBLOG).

16 thoughts on “The Guatemala City Abyss”

  1. I saw this and took note, as friends of mine in the office spent some years in Guatemala . . .

    My first thought was, after sympathy, “How in the world do you repair that road and those buildings? Truck in 330 feet of dirt?”

  2. Apparently, according to that little diagram, they are going to fill it with giant statues. Make for a great find in a couple thousand years. How would they explain that?

  3. Reminds me very much of Kazuo Umezu’s 70’s horror manga ‘The Drifting Classroom’, in which a school is mysteriously transported to a nightmarish barren desert, leaving only a very similar looking hole in the ground!

  4. Imagine older times, before seismology, when a giant hole opens in the ground.

    That must have been terrifying, like a portal to hell had opened up.

  5. Thanks Geoff, this is the first I heard here in Canada. What a terrible event. It truly is unbelievable. It looks more like science fiction than reality.

  6. here is the reuters links of the very story so not a fake…

    I was put onto this story from this suspect fake video of ufo stories, 3rd segment shows the helicopter footage of the hole and later on a particle beam ???

    The truth is what ever you believe but do not dismiss every thing as fake, when belief changes with every story your told. believe it or not your being lied to as sonnas you turn on that propaganda machine called TV.

  7. You might think this is crazy, but picture this. The film industry has been bombarding us for the past decades with movies in which the devil comes to the surface through a hole in the earth and created havoc among men. So what if the powers that be knew this coming was inevitable and tried to make us used to the idea by introducing the idea to us via movies?

    The are many people who now believe that being from another planet visited us in the 1950’s, and that the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” was actually made my the US government to put the idea of such a phenomenon to the people and test their reactions before the truth got out incase there was widespread fear and pandemonium.

    I’m not asking you to believe everything you hear, but simply to open your minds a little… take the red pill…. and don’t just dismiss these these things because they can’t be reasonably explained. DO some research and look for answers, they are out there.

    PS: There are also many who believe that the human race is mutating or will be mutating soon as part of evolution. Just take a look at how many movies and tv series there are out there at the moment with this theme – coincidence? There are no coincidences people, the sooner you realize this the sooner your eyes will open to the truth.

  8. Believe it or not… the abyss is there and its for real.. I live here in Guatemala and its hard to even think about this happening some were else.
    when you live in a country with constant tremors, you dont know what to expect.

  9. Figure out how it happened, then use it for the construction of an earthquake-proof underground city.

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