MAP 002: Quarantine

[Image: MAP 002: Quarantine by David Garcia].

Architect David Garcia’s MAP project—the Manual of Architectural Possibilities—has been mentioned here before, which makes me all the more excited to announce that the next issue of MAP will not only be themed around quarantine but it will be on display as an offical part of the Landscapes of Quarantine exhibition opening next month at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

This installment, which features Garcia’s speculative designs for projects like a “Zoo of Infectious Species,” a “Domestic Isolation Unit,” and an “Instantly Quarantinable Farm,” will also once again include an introductory text by Sir Peter Cook.

[Image: MAP 002: Quarantine by David Garcia].

Garcia will in town for Storefront’s Landscapes of Quarantine opening party, on Tuesday, March 9, so be sure to come by, buy a copy of MAP 002: Quarantine for yourself, and meet the man in person.

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