Shelved in the Sky

I couldn’t resist this photo of a man blown off his feet by high winds on the British coast.

[Image: Photo by Steve Poole/Rex Features, via the Guardian].

How could we take better spatial advantage of meteorological situations like this, I wonder, whether that means designing parachute-like clothing lines for weekend air-surfing or perhaps manufacturing perfectly weighted hovering objects so that we could shelve things in the air, stationary but airborne, even whole rooms lifting off the ground to pause, several feet above the surface of the earth, looking out over the battered sea?

5 thoughts on “Shelved in the Sky”

  1. I walked along the wind swept beaches of Sussex this weekend and the kite boarders already have perfect tools for making those mythical sky-hooks!

  2. I could nearly forgo the promise of hand-gliding or even skydiving and just strap on a 'balloon' jacket or sketchy wings and take advantage of strange weather deviations, for the glory of that momentary act of flight.

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