Back to Pasadena: The Film Fest Finishes

[Image: A scene from Peter Kidger’s The Berlin Infection, produced as part of Kidger’s work with the Bartlett School of Architecture’s Unit 15 in London].

This year’s architectural film fest, jointly organized by BLDGBLOG and Materials & Applications, concludes tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 22, in the wind tunnel at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design.
Wired liked the first event – so hopefully we can keep the good energy flowing…

[Image: Outside the wind tunnel – a building rehabbed by Daly Genik. More info about it here].

This time round, we’ll be screening something like an hour and forty minutes’ worth of films, beginning at 8pm. No tickets or reservations are required – and the wind tunnel can be found here (950 South Raymond Avenue, in Pasadena). There’s even free valet parking.
And it should be fun: we’ve got some awesome films lined up – with running times coming in anywhere between two minutes and half an hour – and I’m really looking forward to this.
You’ll be seeing, in this or another order:

Vancouverism in Vancouver, Robin Anderson and Julie Bogdanowicz
Glen Festival School, Fernando Iribarren, Ayers Saint Gross (2007)
LaSubterranea, Raimund McClain and Jesse Vogler (2006)
At Rest: The Body in Architecture, Michael and Alan Fleming (2007)
Spiral Bridge, Dennis Dollens (2007)
Vert-ual, Adam and Nathan Freise (2005)
Alternate Ending, David Fenster, Field Office Films (2007)
London After the Rain, Ben Olszyna-Marzys (2007)
The Berlin Infection, Peter Kidger (2006)
Matched Pair, Bradford Watson (2004)
Declarations of Love, Andre Blas (2006)
Wax On/Wax Off, Benjamin Smith and Wilhelm Christensen (2006)

So come on down – and say hello and drink a coffee (there’s no cafe on site, however) and have a cool Tuesday night, hanging out in a wind tunnel, watching movies about architecture… And if you get restless, you can always walk around and explore Open House: Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living, which is simultaneously on display in the exact same space.
Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Back to Pasadena: The Film Fest Finishes”

  1. I live in Tampa, FL. a barren architectural wasteland. What would be involved in getting a couple of these films for an event here if one were inclined to plan it?

  2. Hey anon – I think it would just take getting in touch with all of these filmmakers and asking if they can send you copies of their films. Alternatively, you can announce something like this on a website and wait for the submissions to roll in… as we did. But I’d imagine that simply sending an email to the filmmakers would result in a positive response. Thanks for the interest!

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