Sky Crane

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When I walked out to get breakfast this morning, clouds had obscured all but the topmost workings of the 1 World Trade Center site, visible through our living room window—a strange vision of machines, pulleys, cranes, and gears sort of hovering in the sky, like something out of Archigram by way of Hayao Miyazaki.

3 thoughts on “Sky Crane”

  1. Dear Geoff Manaugh,
    please excuse my misuse of the comment function to get in contact with you. I am a journalist and blogger from Hamburg, Germany, and for the next 4 weeks me and my friend will travel around the US. Since I am an avid reader of your blogs (which inspired some of the itinerary choices we made) I wondered if it would be possible to meet and do an interview. The focus would be on blogging in all its aspects, aesthetic, social, economic, utopian, etc. I am aware that you are a very busy and peripatetic man, so if does not work out that is no problem. But if we could find a place and time where our routes cross for an hour or so that would be great. Here is our very flexible route for the next 4 weeks: May 11-13: New York / May 14-June 3: starting from Phoenix we will drive thru Utah, Nevada, and North California to L.A. where we will stay until June 6. If you are interested here is my email adress:

    Always a great pleasure to read the texts and ideas of you and Nicole Twilley!

    Take care,
    Volker Hummel

  2. Hey Volker – I'm actually hitting the road myself for most of the summer, so I will not be in NYC, but I will send you an email and perhaps we can at least talk by phone. Enjoy your travels! And thanks for getting in touch.

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