Breaking Out and Breaking In Finale

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Although I hope to post again about the specific topics to be discussed at this event, I didn’t want to lose any more time in announcing the Breaking Out and Breaking In final public event to be hosted at Columbia University’s Studio-X NYC on Monday, April 30, featuring a unique and exciting panel of discussants drawn from the worlds of film, design, history, architecture, and the FBI.

Stop by to hear Special Agent Brenda Cotton, Bank Robbery Coordinator for the FBI’s Bank Robbery/Kidnapping/Extortion Squad; Thomas McShane, Retired FBI Special Agent from the Bureau’s Art Crime Team and co-author of Stolen Masterpiece Tracker; Scott Macaulay, editor-in-chief of Filmmaker Magazine, co-sponsors of the Breaking Out and Breaking In film festival; Matt Jones, designer and principal at BERG; and Jimmy Stamp, writer and editor at the Yale University School of Architecture and co-organizer of last year’s symposium on the architecture of the getaway, the hideout, and the coverup.

The event is free, open to the public, and kicks off on April 30 at 7pm sharp. We’ll be at 180 Varick Street, Suite 1610, on the 16th floor; here’s a map. Stop by for a panel discussion and open Q&A about the spatial scenarios of real and cinematic crimes, from armored car heists to panic rooms, from Boston art thefts to Los Angeles bank tunnels, and from the internal layouts of financial institutions to the unanticipated criminal side-effects of urban design, exploring the built environment from the perspective of the crimes that can be planned and foiled there.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Out and Breaking In Finale”

  1. Thank you for the Breaking Out/ Breaking In festival. I've been following along at home for he past few months and have finally expanded my Netflix viewing beyond Dr. Who episodes. Thanks to the film festival, I discovered that I am a Steve McQueen fan.

    I was lucky enough to attend the talk last night. It was so entertaining and thought-provoking.

    My favorite moments:
    1) Learning from Special Agent Brenda Cotton that some bank robbers may have watched "Heat" to prepare. And the easiest way though a bandit barrier is to use a note.

    2) Special Agent Thomas McShane's story about "The Human Fly' scaling the mansions of the Upper East Side. I'm going to track down his book to read about more real art heists.

    3) Matt Jones' idea of how a heist's hacker is like a getaway driver, by giving the robbers more time.

    Fascinating experience – thank you for creating it and opening it up to everyone.

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