Proper Project Orientation

[Image: A wonderfully disorienting image, called Proper Project Orientation, by Vancouver-based photographer Bill MacEwen – an image so spatially evocative, with its labyrinth of scaffolding, ladders, surfaces, and stairways – a horizontal universe of painterly self-connectedness – that I’d rather not reveal what the photo actually is. Is it a billboard, re-designed by Lebbeus Woods? Or a painting? Perhaps it’s a drive-in cinema after an atom bomb has hit… It’s better just to stare and enjoy – while viewing the original photo here. (Thanks, Bill!].

4 thoughts on “Proper Project Orientation”

  1. Here is a pic by Baudrillard, although it isn’t the car crashes I was looking for. Banality is one of his favourite themes.

    Of Reality-shows for instance, he says they are “a mirror of dullness, of nothingness, on which the disappearance of the other is blatantly reflected. It reveals the possibility that human beings are fundamentally not social. This space becomes the equivalent of a “ready-made” just-as-is (telle quelle) transposition of an ‘everyday life’ that has already been trumped by all dominant models. It is a synthetic banality, fabricated in closed circuits and supervised by a monitoring screen.” Clouseau

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