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The past month has been as close to a textbook example of overcommitment as I can think of, which has resulted in a pretty slow posting schedule here on the blog; who knows if anyone else has noticed. The rest of May will presumably be just as glacial, I’m afraid, but I’ll be back to posting in the next few days!

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  1. Just so you know, I look forward to every one of your posts where you talk about some idea and then let your imagination fly.
    Publish another book of those and I'll buy it, too.

  2. My comment didn't make it the first time. I said "what D said and come to speak in San Francisco, I want to get my copy signed

  3. Always look forward to your posts.
    I understand you're busy; perhaps
    you could post a link or two to some of
    the must-reads from the archives.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the notes! I'm just pledged to too many other publications right now, and had to bail out of the pressure of a blogging schedule for the time being. Glad you enjoy the posts, though, and I'll be putting stuff up again soon.

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