Thrilling Wonder Update

Here is an updated schedule for tomorrow’s big event at the Architectural Association, Thrilling Wonder Stories II. We’ve had a few changes to the line-up (and, thus, to the schedule itself), requiring us to move some people around and repopulate each theme.

[Image: Thrilling Wonder Stories II at the Architectural Association; view larger].

See below for the current and correct proceedings:

12:00 Bookshop, coffee, music and gaming

12:30 Introductions by Brett Steele and Liam Young

Geoff Manaugh + Nicola Twilley
[Founders of Future Plural, authors of BLDGBLOG and Edible Geography]
Dunne and Raby
[Design provocateurs]

Jeff VanderMeer
[Author of City of Saints and Madmen and Finch]
Will Self
[Author of The Book of Dave, Psychogeography and Walking Through Hollywood]
Paul Duffield
[Artist and Author of Freakangels and Signal comics]

15:20–15:40 Break/Overspill

15:40–17:00 NEAR FUTURES
BERG London
[Technologists, futurists and RFID magicians]
Alex Rutterford
[Motion graphics filmmaker, director and designer for Ridley Scott Associates and Warp Records]
Gavin Rothery
[Concept artist for the film Moon]
[Transmedia and game designers]

Antony Johnston
[Author of Wasteland and Daredevil comics]
Splash Damage
[Designers of the Ark, the war-stricken floating refugee city from the game Brink]
Rachel Armstrong
[Biotechnology and scifi squishiness]

18:20–18:40 Break/Overspill

Ant Farm
[Architectural supergroup and countercultural heroes]
Joep Van Lieshout
[Founder of Atelier Van Lieshout and the speculative free state of AVL Ville]

Feel free to stop by any time between noon and 8pm to see how it’s all moving along; it will also be livecast, courtesy of the AA. Here is a map.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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