Music for Landscapes

[Images: Two diagrams stitched together showing acoustics of bat echolocation at Carlsbad Caverns].

For those of you with audio-spatial interests, Word of Mouth on New Hampshire Public Radio ran a twenty-minute conversation between myself and Jace Clayton yesterday called “Music for Landscapes.”

We talk about urban acoustics, the sounds of flooded cities, DJing in ruined border towns on the divided island of Cyprus, some thoughts on echolocation by way of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and more. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Music for Landscapes”

  1. with the advent of good digital DJ rigs (the kinda that take CDs and USB/hard drive), this idea of playing in among island ruins has merit – especially if that stretchable nanotube speaker material pans out. That would allow the DJ to carry his entire kit about in less than half his suitcase, loudspeakers included. Or if they were the laptop kind, they could carry the whole kit in the backpack, though I find the immediate physicality of the CD turntable-style interface to be far more rewarding than a sterile mouse and trackpad.

  2. P.S. Awesome show with DJ Rupture! I was pleasantly surprised to hear my favorite blogger on my favorite radio show.

  3. touches the surface… It would be good to hear more of your thoughts on our enculturated perceptions of the "sound" of cities and spaces and not so much about "musical" themes (which can easily obscure our ability to listen to the world as much as it can help us to tune into it). There's a fine edge here as we risk sinking further into our mediated ipod/cinema/dj 'soundtrack' worlds, ever so insulated from the fragile sonic environments we inhabit.

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