San Francisco As It Used To Be

[Image: The astonishingly far inland dune-sea at 16th Avenue and Strawberry Hill in San Francisco, approximately 109 years ago, before being engridded and buried by homes (via); this seems to give an interestingly San Franciscan spin to the old, May ’68 idea that, beneath our streets and paving stones, we will find the beach (or the desert, as the case may be)].

8 thoughts on “San Francisco As It Used To Be”

  1. Amazing shot….to show the city and its referential geological pattern, and how it has no traces of that in the present! But is still an amazing city!

  2. I grew up on 30th Avenue & Noriega Street in San Francisco's Sunset District. The end of our block (where the Safeway is today) was a big sand dune. When I was a small child (in the 1950's), a friend and I were playing in the sand dunes and fell asleep; our parents had to call out the police to find us, since we couldn't be seen amidst the dunes and grasses.

  3. According to the comment of anonymous, it seems that the idea of the dune was a form of the relic of the city….which follows through with the man made hills, created… so actually this was an inorganic idea, which amplified the dunes!!!! how fascinating is that!!!! wonderful stufff!!!

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