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BLDGBLOG has unexpectedly popped up on a list of The 100 Best Blogs, according to the Times.
I’m there alongside some very distinguished company, I have to say, including Owen Hatherley’s sit down man, you’re a bloody tragedy, and many of the blogosphere’s usual suspects, from Boing Boing, TreeHugger, and TechCrunch, to David Byrne, The Sartorialist, and so on. Alex Ross’s excellent The Rest Is Noise also made the list (don’t miss Ross’s book).
Of course, there are some very notable absences on the list, not least of which come from the vibrant architecture, cities, and landscape blogging scenes, of which I’ve always been excited to be a part.
The complete roster of 100 blogs is divided up into parts one and two – so check it out if you’re looking for new sites to read.
And thanks, by the way, for continuing to read BLDGBLOG! It’s frightening to say it, but the site’s fifth birthday is approaching this summer.

(Thanks to Clare Dudman for pointing it out!)

9 thoughts on “Listing Listward”

  1. now a revered blogger.

    congratulations on your typically high work rate. cause that is what makes your blog work…. trawling through countless magazines, websites and almanacs i’m sure. i look forward in the future to a little bit of debate over global warming or climate change (which one are they going to pick?) as it is going to become a huge part of our life whether it is defunkt science or not….. lots to talk about!!!

    once again well done!

  2. Congratulations, indeed!
    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. On many occasion I have recommended this site for student, and future, architects, or people interested in city planning, photography, or even modern curiosities. It has proven something note-worthy and is on it’s way to becoming a household name in PDX, OR.
    Thank you and congratulations!!!

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