Urban strangeness

This happens all the time to other blogs, who are constantly popping up in things like BusinessWeek and Metropolis and Dwell – and so it’s more or less a kind of meaningless chest-thumping to point this out – but I was quite excited to see that BLDGBLOG (under its nom de guerre of BLDG) was listed in this Saturday’s copy of The Guardian

– along with design*sponge and The Cool Hunter
Anyway, blah blah blah. I was just excited to see that. Sorry.

(Thanks to John Coulthart for the tip!)

11 thoughts on “Urban strangeness”

  1. I remember you, I, the much missed E. Tage Larsen of Placement, et al. commented on the various permutation of BLDGBLOG. Don’t know which post. But have you got a list? I’ve encountered so many variations that it sounds rather fun, if not instructive, to collect/clip/bookmark.

    BLDG|BLOG; BLDG BLOG; BldgBlog; Building Blog; BLDG; BldBlg; Bldgblog; BLDGblog; etc.

  2. When I first glanced at the scan, I thought they were listing blogs with excellent blogroll design. Which yours most certainly has, since despite the mammoth collection of links in those two columns at right, browsing them is never an intimidating process.

    No matter what it was for, congratulations on being listed!

  3. BullDog! Indeed.

    I have no idea how so many permutations of this blog’s name have come to exist out there – other than the obvious reason, which is that BLDGBLOG can appear to be a meaningless assemblage of random consonants. In any case, I genuinely don’t think many people know that the name of this blog is pronounced “building blog” and that its name is made up of “BLDG” and “BLOG” – the “D” from the first word being transformed into an “O” in the next: BLDGBLOG. BLDG BLOG. BLDG|BLOG.

    Which isn’t even to mention the fact that “BLDG” – on its own – is such an unbelievably stupid name for a blog.

    I Google’d “BLDBlog” one day just for kicks and there are hundreds and hundreds of hits! I’ve also seen BLDBLG, which strikes me as totally meaningless, and completely misses the “D” into the “O” symmetry. Or BLGBLG, which is even worse. BLGBLG! Bilge-bilge. Bilge-blog. Maybe this thing should be about ship design…

    God only knows. But you couldn’t pay me to start calling it “Building Blog,” for clarity’s sake. On the other hand, you also couldn’t pay me to overlook the fact that my own imbecility in choosing a name for this thing has led to so much confusion…

    BLBG. BLBGBLBG. Fat, drooling lips spitting consonants all over the keyboard.

  4. With so much drama in the B L D
    It’s kinda hard being Geo double F
    But I somehow some way
    Keep coming up with funky ass shit like every single day.

    Sorry about that, but you’re sorta close to LBC.

    I’m done. Seriously.

  5. I saw it in the Guardian and my thought process went something like this: wow, a blog I know about is actually cool to know about…..does that make me cool for knowing about it, before it was in the Guardian…yes I think it does…excellent, I am cool again at long last!

  6. Glad to see word getting round. Yours in one of my favourite blogs. Terrific work, always giving me new ideas. So thanks.

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