11 thoughts on “The event”

  1. just find this place by chance. have to say ur content is wonderful and i really like it. do carry on with ur nice work!

  2. five speakers held together by geoff.
    it was a meeting of the imaginary minds, including the audience. possibilities of pentagonal or more-o-gonal thinking had my mind wonder off. looking for a toilet, i had the tour of the shop area and everything. when i landed i was eating tomatoes on the corner and not really thinking straight. poly thanks.

  3. Thanks, Chris and Orhan! And Zachary and Nicolai, too.

    And, for those of you this might interest, Nicolai Ouroussoff, architecture critic for the NYTimes, is speaking today, Sunday, 14 January, at 6pm at the Hammer.

    But thanks again for coming out yesterday; it was fun.

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