BLDGBLOG Meets McSweeney’s Meets Park Life Meets San Francisco

McSweeney’s and the Park Life Store will be hosting a conversation between BLDGBLOG and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Lawrence Weschler on Tuesday, October 16, here in San Francisco – at 220 Clement Street (aka the Park Life Store), starting at 7pm – to celebrate the paperback launch of Weschler’s Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences.
Here’s a map.
Expect free wine, no entry fee, missing lakes, salt mines, and loads of inappropriate Hitler references.
It’ll be fun.

6 thoughts on “BLDGBLOG Meets McSweeney’s Meets Park Life Meets San Francisco”

  1. Amazingly interesting conversation – it felt almost magical to see you and Lawrence Weschler build and play with ideas, bouncing them back and forth every so often.
    Thank you.

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