Air Unit

Last week, Toronto’s Lateral Architects premiered a brand new “deployable condo unit… that is light as air.”

[Image: The Air Unit by Lateral Architects].

Lateral’s “exciting new freehold residential unit” not only attaches to the sides of existing buildings – indeed, it is “a portable unit that can fit into any community and be attached to any building” – but it also floats on water.
Fill it will helium, meanwhile, and perhaps it will even float on air…
BLDGBLOG would like at least three units, please.
I’ll attach them to the side of the Golden Gate Bridge and telecommute.

6 thoughts on “Air Unit”

  1. Ah, architectural concepts! Very fun! Nice drawing!

    But as they say- the devil is in the details!
    The module would never float like that- it would capsize!
    Also, the pressure to make the structure rigid would need to be incredible (think of the blow up structures at carnivals)

  2. I have often thought about integrating the water scape into my designs.. but it is very hard to come up with efficient plans. One possibility which i still feel would fly is a huge movie screen on a large sail boat (sail = screen) and you could put on movies at water fronts or have the seas version of a drive in.. the boat in? if you are intreested i would be more than willing to show more…
    take care everyone!!

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