A big cop in a small town: architecture of the model village

[Image: A model of the Arles Ampitheatre; photo by http2007].

I stumbled across a whole Flickr pool full of photographs of model villages the other week – and some of the pictures are just fantastic.

[Image: A model of the Fortified cité of Carcassonne; photo by http2007].

A Flickr user called http2007, in particular, has some great contributions – and he also maintains a great sub-set, called France Miniature Park, that’s well worth checking out; all images in this post come from that collection.

[Images: Models of Notre-Dame de Paris, Montmartre, the Château de Versailles, and the Arc de Triomphe. All photos by a Flickr user named http2007].

Many, many, many more photos available at the model villages Flickr pool.

12 thoughts on “A big cop in a small town: architecture of the model village”

  1. Given the title of this post I was expecting to scroll down and see Simon Pegg flying through the air pistols firing…

    If you haven’t seen Hot Fuzz, then I recommend you do. The glorious final action sequence scene ends up in a model village not unlike the one in your post. Although a little less French.

  2. Marcus, the title of the post is, in fact, a reference to Hot Fuzz… so I’m glad you subliminally picked up on it.

    Unfortunately no Simon Pegg firing two guns whilst jumping through the air – or firing his gun up in the air and going ‘ahhhh!’

    And I heartily second the recommendation to see that film.

  3. At the base of the mountain road to Vico Morcote in Switzerland (SCI-Arc’s former European graduate program abroad) is an entire miniature of Switzerland. I wish I had taken photos of it when I was there, but maybe it can be found online? It’s on the edge of Lake Lugano.

  4. Am I the only one who is aware that these are not actual models but rather a post-processing technique applied to photographs of the real buildings? I’m not saying this diminishes how cool the pictures are, but the post never makes mention of this and some of the commenters seem to be under the impression that these are real miniatures.

  5. In Klagenfurt, Austria there is a park called “Minimundus” (www.minimundus.at) that displays 150 models of all kinds of buildings. Thought you might be interested in their pics.

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