Pods and perforations

The Architectural Review has released its newest Awards for Emerging Architecture; included this year is architect Kazuya Morita’s “pod-for-all-occasions.”

The pod is “delicately perforated,” made from “a combination of white cement, lightweight aggregate and glass fibre. This mixture was meticulously hand trowelled onto a carved styrofoam mould by skilled plasterers (the traditional Japanese plasterer’s art is known as sakan).” Meanwhile, we read, “[t]he perforations were created by attaching styrofoam rings to the dome-shaped master mould. When the concrete hardened, the mould was dismantled and removed.”
Whilst the “concrete skin” is only 15 millimeters thick, it is “immensely strong and can easily bear the weight of a person.”
These structures should be built by the thousands on every rooftop in Manhattan, and lit from within by candles every last Saturday night of the month.

(Via Archinect).

One thought on “Pods and perforations”

  1. I like the religous Saturday night candelabra landscape….

    I was thinking after you made 4000 of these, unable to find rooftops for half of them, you could toss the rest into the ocean. This would help rebuild the coral reefs.

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