Religion by Satellite

[Image: The Crucifixion as seen via Google Earth; by The Glue Society].

Australian artists The Glue Society have put together a series of altered satellite views showing what certain Biblical events would have looked like if seen via Google Earth.
Above, for instance, is the Crucifixion.
Below, we see Moses parting the Red Sea; Adam and Eve sunbathing nude in the Garden of Eden; and Noah’s Ark stranded on a dry spit of land amidst Flood waters.
By the way, whatever happened to the CIA’s search for Noah’s Ark…?

[Image: Biblical scenes as seen via Google Earth; by The Glue Society].

According to the Creative Review – where this project was first spotted – the artists are now “aiming to produce further works using the same satellite imagery next year but this time relating to mythological occurrences and major historical events.”
Personally, I can’t wait; the idea is genius.

(Spotted on the Creative Review, with big thanks to Michael G.!)

8 thoughts on “Religion by Satellite”

  1. The huge but silent phenomona at an ecological level would be especially beautiful to see rendered. Like the painful effects of 20th c. style “development.”

  2. Well, it sure does give a nice perspective 🙂
    [though I hope they’ll do better homework for their future projects: red sea – sea of reeds. oops!]

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