By indirections

[Image: Matthew Cusick, The Course of Empire (Mixmaster II), 2006. Mixed media and maps on prepared panel; courtesy Lisa Dent Gallery. Photo by Wilfred J. Jones].

“Matthew Cusick’s maps lead nowhere,” Artkrush warns. His newest works depict “a series of Texas highways traversing allegorical landscapes” – a geography described by Cusick’s gallerist as “layered with animal migration paths, trading posts, and railroad depots.”
The above work, along with two other highway paintings, is on display now at the Lisa Dent Gallery in San Francisco.

6 thoughts on “By indirections”

  1. um, i don’t think those are paintings actually. they are collage, maps with maybe some paint thrown in?

    and surely the titles are references to cole?

  2. how long before fantasty-style medeival maps make their way into car navigation systems? “Beware there be parking here” that kind of thing… one could have a flow setting, where the car-navi enters into doldrums and the car locks down until the navi hails a passing smartornado… and for the less adventurously challenged – themed maps – impressionist… cubist… pop art… space invaders… famous battles (WWI + WWII subject to copyright, naturally)…

  3. Those works look very interesting and I thought it would be neat to go see them since I am in SF.

    Then I saw the gallery is open 12-6pm Tu-F. I wish I led that kind of life…

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