“At the new Winvian resort in Litchfield County, Conn.,” the New York Times reports, “you can spend the night in a restored 1968 Sikorsky Sea King helicopter, so tricked out that Austin Powers might have piloted it. That’s a 17,000-pound mix of the plush and the industrial, of chilled Champagne and crystal waiting atop a stainless-steel fridge alongside an aerospace dashboard.”

[Image: A screen-grab from the Winvian website].

The Winvian isn’t open yet, on the other hand – and it’s priced well out of most holiday budgets. At up to $2000 a night, you’d expect more than just complimentary champagne; perhaps your hotel room can actually take off and rock you to sleep over the Litchfield Hills…
When the hotel does open up – on January 1st, 2007 – visitors will get to choose from amongst “18 cottages designed by 15 architects. Each cottage is conceived around a Connecticut theme: besides Helicopter (Sikorsky builds them in Stratford), others include Beaver Lodge, Camping Cottage, the Treehouse, Secret Society and Industry.” Rumor has it, there’s also a reproduction Hedge Fund Management Office and the much-anticipated George W. Bush Cocaine Suite.
Ah, Connecticut…

[Image: A screen-grab from the Winvian website].

BLDGBLOG will gladly accept offers of a few nights’ stay.

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