Clearing Manhattan

The New York Times last week introduced us to a “giggling guru” named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In addition to laughing quite a lot, one of his apparent goals “is to rebuild the world according to Vedic principles. He has called for the demolition of ‘improperly oriented’ buildings, believing them to be toxic, and includes among them the United Nations and the White House. There are proposals for New York and Paris to be cleared to make way for 3,000 marble peace palaces. (His organization operates such palaces in Bethesda, Md., Lexington, Ky., Houston and Fairfield.) Maharishi is also convinced that every country’s capital is wrongly located. In India and America, his organization has bought land near what it calls each country’s ‘brahmastan’ – or the geographical and energy center. The future capital of the United States would be Smith Center, Kan., population 1,931.”

(Thanks, David! Also at Archinect).

4 thoughts on “Clearing Manhattan”

  1. Is Fairlfield really a ‘world class city’, such that you don’t have to append the “, Iowa”?

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to Fairfield, but I do recall that the “levitation” they do is hilarious to watch.

  2. “The future capital of the United States would be Smith Center, Kan., population 1,931.”

    Well, at least militarily speaking, it would be a superior location — lots of buffer space for an invader to traverse!

    Demolishing cities to build “marble peace palaces”, however, reminds me a little too much of the Communist mutilation of Bucharest…

  3. I also have an idea that all the buildings in the world are not spiritually aligned with one another, we should level everything and build downward not upward, so the surface of the world appears natural. The top of the buildings could be land placed back on top, there should be no more than a hole to go into. My organization calls the process of building downward the “clittex”. Maharishi is just insane, building marble buildings is going to do nothing, building downward is the way to go.

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