Architect of strings

[Image: Pierre Huyghe’s Celebration Park – closing soon at a Tate Modern near you – includes “a filmed puppet musical telling the story of Le Corbusier’s struggle to satisfy a commission from Harvard University.” The show is on view till September 17th – but I haven’t seen it; I just like the image, above, discovered via this week’s Artkrush].

3 thoughts on “Architect of strings”

  1. This exhibition is wonderful! Well worth the admission fee! Huyghe explores a lot of architectural ideas in this particular film (which is quite entertaining) as well as in his installations (my favorite being the dancing doors). Make sure you have plenty of time though, as there are two films other than the puppets that look amazing, and all run over 20 minutes each.

  2. Thanks for the heads up – unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go the exhibition, but you can get a pretty good overview of Huyghe’s work, and watch a video of the Celebration Park puppet show at the Tate Gallery web site.

    I’ve also posted some screenshots of the piece on my web site at

  3. For those stateside and on the west coast, this exhibition can be seen at the Portland Art Museum. It’s pretty cool and will be there a few months.

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