[Image: freezone, by Stanza. According to the project brief, “each unit allows for peace and quiet inside an information free zone.” It’s “the holiday destination of the future.” You can’t be spammed, virused, phoned, emailed, tracked – aside from the fact that your location is rather public – or RFID’d, etc. You could be RPG’d on the other hand… It’s secession from the dataworld, via utopian architecture. More projects, including velodrone, where traffic jams “trigger audio visual light displays of generative music.” (Spotted at WMMNA)].

4 thoughts on “Freezone”

  1. Maybe in the town I live, this isn’t yet seen as a real need. Surely in a near future we all will need some “device” like this. Maybe a place to stay or a gadget.

    Question: an house forgotten into the mountains can’t be the same? recently I ha a day and an half spent in the mountains 1 hour travel far from my house. No connectivity and no human presence can’t be the same? Write me for deatils, all the cost is some camping gear. Garanteed.

  2. The facility would want to offer a wide range of privacy services, from secret business meetings, to interruption free family vacations, or private relaxation spas. Some sort of isolation between people inside the facility would be necessary to accomodate these different uses.

    It seems like these facilities would be more “information isolated” than “information free”, since you can’t (and wouldn’t want to)wipe people’s memories coming in and out.

    Just like any other vacation destination, your time could still be disrupted by a fellow relaxee whistling an advertising jingle, spouting off a political talking point or gabbing with a friend about the latest celebrity scandal.

    Just like any corporate office your secret meeting could be compromised by an employee breaking their non-disclosure agreement afterwards.

    Spies or stealth advertisers might try to infiltrate the facility!

    Like kotazzu, I’d much rather spend my private time somewhere open and isolated than somewhere fully enclosed and tighly controled.

  3. Hehe. What happens in Freezone stays in Freezone.

    Actually, extending the camping gear idea, we already have examples of these kinds of communities. They’re called ‘hippie gatherings.’

    It might be interesting to explore hippie gatherings from an architectural standpoint. Teepees and camper vans and communal kitchens under those canopies you buy at Wal-Mart for $100…

  4. Are there any hippie gatherings anymore? I thought they metamorphosed into trade shows, investor meetings and company-wide softball games. Burning Man doesn’t count, since I’m unsure of what percentage of those attending would identify with “hippie” as an appellation. Probably more would be insulted.

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