10 thoughts on “Manufacturing arches”

  1. That wouldn’t have worked, I don’t think. But you can wrap things in special textiles and then epoxy the textile. That would do the trick.

  2. Wrapped in fabric?

    Christo meets Damian Hirst, perhaps:
    “Rungwe Kingdon, co-owner of the Pangolin Editions foundry, said it was one of the biggest bronzes in the world. He told BBC News the statue would have been vulnerable to buckling at narrow points like the ankles, so a stainless steel structure (was) hidden inside to support the weight of the bronze.”
    BBC News

    Flickr photo

    and the seemingly inevitable hostility:
    New York magazine

  3. The tree one reminds me of a prose poem by W.S Merwin that describes painstakingly how to put a tree back together. I can’t recall the name of the poem but it has the same impact- exposes you to the total absurdity of truly re-creating much of what we see every day.

  4. As the illustrator for the NPCA poster project, I find it very frustrating when you create and execute the design of a project, that Y&R and the NPCA take all credit away from you. Alan Daniels, illustrator of the NCPA posters—Beaudaiels.com

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