Woven interiors

Artist Do-Ho Suh replicated the complete interior of his old home in Korea – only he did it using translucent nylon.

He took sewing lessons from old dressmakers so he could assemble the whole thing himself – and then he built another replica: of his apartment in New York City.

It sounds like the whole thing was inspired by a combination of nostalgia and insomnia; but he talks more about it here, in an interview with PBS.

Meanwhile, you can learn more at Brown University and at Artnet – which is where I found these images.

(Originally spotted at Blanketfort).

4 thoughts on “Woven interiors”

  1. I saw one of Suh’s artworks earlier this year at the Kanazawa Museum of 21st Centrury Art (the SANAA circular glass box with square boxes scattered within) and it was incredible. I took a sneaky photo.

    It was a red nylon representation of the stair of his NY apartment building, suspended in the volume of one of the gallery blocks.

    A red light was cast throughout the space.

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