7 thoughts on “Dubai Before and After”

  1. Would love to know the dates for the 2 photos. They actually reminded me of my 2 childhood visits to Orlando (1977 and 1984), where deserted roads with attractions/hotels on scattered lots on my first visit were suddenly incorporated and ‘downtown’ on the next.

  2. The ‘after’ pic looks more like late 2003/early 2004.

    I reckon the ‘before’ pic is much earlier … 1987/88 perhaps.

    I grew up & live in Dubai so those pictures made me smile (and long for days when driving on the Sheikh Zayed Road wasn’t a traumatic experience!).

  3. The ‘before’ picture must be around 1979/80 just after the Trade Centre and related Apartments (foreground) were completed.
    I have a 1990 aerial photo of the Emirates Golf Club which I’ll try and post. Water everywhere from a phenomenal rain storm.

  4. I had the fortune to visit the dubai GP of the past few years everytime I go back Dubai looks totally different. Most definalty one of the fastest growing places at th moment

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