[Image: From Non_Sequitur: A Neighborhood by Anthony Morey].

A gorgeous project called Non_Sequitur: A Neighborhood by Anthony Morey, made while still a B.A. student at SCI-Arc under the guidance of Dwayne Oyler and Thom Mayne, is well worth a look.

Morey describes the project as a strict exploration of drawing, tracking the effects of architectural “spillovers,” freely moving between volume, shadow, ground, and perspective while never fully arriving at a fixed state.

[Images: From Non_Sequitur: A Neighborhood by Anthony Morey].

This has the effect of making the elaborate black shading spatially misleading. In other words, it is deliberately unclear if we are looking at rooms, walls, and landscapes, or merely at their secondary effects, at echoes, shadows, and repetitions extruded from an original form made illegible by the shapes that now surround it.

The form casts its own ground, so to speak, existing in a context of its own delays and translations.

[Images: From Non_Sequitur: A Neighborhood by Anthony Morey].

It was about “showing volume, but no scale,” in Morey’s words, using the drawings “to cast doubt on themselves. Allowing for choice in the reading, unraveling.”

Morey’s monochromatic approach then explodes in a sequence of colorful plans and sections.

[Images: From Non_Sequitur: A Neighborhood by Anthony Morey].

You can see many more images, including 3D prints and some intermediary studies between the drawings seen above, s well as read more about the project over at SUPER // ARCHITECTS.

You can see more of Morey’s images on his Instagram feed.

(Spotted via the excellent Data is Nature, by Paul Prudence).

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