[Image: The Baikonur Cosmodrome; image via Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today].

Liam Young and Kate Davies of the Architectural Association’s Unknown Fields Division have teamed up to launch an annual “nomadic studio.” Next July, 2011, Young and Davies will lead a two-week visit to the irradiated zones of exclusion at Chernobyl, Ukraine, and the derelict Soviet launch-city of Baikonur for an intensive workshop of architectural research and design.

As Liam describes the studio: “Together we will form a traveling circus of research visits, field reportage, rolling discussions, and impromptu tutorials… Joining us on our travels will be a troupe of collaborators: photographers and filmmakers from the worlds of technology, science and fiction including the Philips Technologies Design Probes research lab and Archis/Volume magazine.”

There is a £650 fee to participate, but this does not cover flights or hotels. More info here.

4 thoughts on “Chernobyl/Baikonur”

  1. That certainly sounds like fun. However, I wouldn't call Baikonur "derelict;" it continues in active use as a cosmodrome. Site 1, Gagarin's Start, launched a mission to the ISS as recently as October 27.

  2. csw, true—I'm just consumed by an urge for ruins, I suppose, and want so badly for there to be a fully derelict launch facility out in the middle of the Asian steppe somewhere…

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