[Image: The DoChoDo Zoological Island by Julien De Smedt Architects, from Agenda].

Another book launch I am looking forward to is for Agenda, which documents the work of Julien De Smedt Architects. Here are some page-spreads.

[Images: From Agenda by Julien De Smedt Architects].

If you’re in NYC this week, come by the book’s official North American launch party, hosted by Storefront for Art and Architecture; it’s on Thursday evening, December 10, starting at 7pm.

[Images: From Agenda by Julien De Smedt Architects].

The book includes a huge range of projects, including the DoChoDo Zoological Island proposal, pictured at the head of the post, and “Experiencing the Void,” De Smedt’s proposal for the Guggenheim Museum in New York City in which a massive, climbable web would be hung down through the central rotunda.

[Image: From Agenda by Julien De Smedt Architects].

I’m also excited to say that I have a short story published in the book, about the cross-species appeal of roof gardens as witnessed by a junior executive at Albert Heijn

So stop by if you’re around, and consider picking up a copy of the book.

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  1. These are major photo manipulations. The first one just screams tension to me. It looks like a triangular ball with all sorts of trees and shrubs within. I cant really tell if the think white lines are supposed to express that there is glass there. If so that one very artistic and abstract green house.

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