Southern Exposure

[Image: Elias Redstone stands inside the facade of Casa Poli, designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects; read more about his visit to the house here. Photo by Jaffer Kolb].

Regrettably, I have not until now pointed readers’ attention to the soon-to-finish travels of Elias Redstone, curator of London’s Architecture Foundation, as he visits the work of emerging Latin American architects, from Mexico to Colombia, Chile to Argentina and Brazil, documenting the whole thing on his blog.
This massive three-and-a-half month tour, funded by a Winston Churchill Fellowship, comes to a close on April 1, when Elias returns to London. His huge roster of site visits – heavy with modern residential design – is worth a scroll, as are his visits to the architects’ offices. He even drops in on our Postopolitan friends, Arch Daily.
Check out the blog for more.
Let me randomly add, by the way, that I would absolutely and genuinely love to do the Australian equivalent of this trip…

6 thoughts on “Southern Exposure”

  1. Your blog record of an Australian archi roadtrip would be a gold mine Geoff…

    You could probably pull a book deal detailing your adventures and opinions too, the Australian psyche craves validation from external sources!

  2. Thanks Geoff… I’m just packing up and preparing to head back to London tomorrow.

    The last few months have been incredible. I naively started the blog just as a means of documenting the trip for myself (in case my computer or notebook got lost/stolen etc), but am really pleased to see there is interest in my research.

    I have met some amazing architects in the different countries I have visited and it would be great if this blog in any way helps them achieve more international recognition.

    Good luck with getting the Australia trip off the ground. I am sure it will be incredible.

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