[Image: The geometry of geology, by Vicente Guallart].

If anyone in London happens to attend this lecture at the Architectural Association – beginning in only about an hour and a half – can you let me know how it is? Vicente Guallart – whose work I’ve discussed both on BLDGBLOG and in lectures over the past few years – is speaking on Geologics: Geography Information Architecture.

13 thoughts on “Geologics”

  1. That is a rather engaging diptych… reminds me a bit of old stereotomy drawings. Wish I could be there for the lecture; hopefully someone transcribes it!

  2. oh, wish i had checked my reader a few hours ago geoff! just missed it… will ask friends there if they caught it – cheers, cara wiseman

  3. ps: i was at a peter cook lecture there earlier this week and it was being filmed… i imagine they would do this for all lectures… will ask for you

  4. if you want to waste your time go to the lecture… guallart just sells air. there is not real theory behind, is just trying to be famous… his theory is ridicolous… i work for him and everybody know him will say the same… ask around for trust

  5. Guallart is a very bad architect and as an human person is so bad: no taste, noisy, unelegant, bad talking etc. All the people that worked for his office hate him. Don’t work or go to a lecture for this guy. NEVER! Is the worst office in Barcelona! You are be adviced!

  6. I was in the lecture and it was great. After some years of pure formalism someone is trying to think architecture in a new way.

  7. dear anonimous really? so this
    is not a formal operation? ghery already did 10 years ago with paper…
    so is this think architecture in a new way? ask to Vicente how many centenarian trees give as a present to the curator of MoMa or maybe to the director of AA just for be present?
    and how much he is talking bad about Alejandro Zaera behind him…just because he is envy and than he is so friend with him…he is just a bad architect that is copying around somebody else!

  8. What a simplistic diagram of the surface of the rock. Add some angles to make it look scientific. If we keep using our Cartesian logic to understand the surface of objects we are not rethinking in anyway.

  9. I think the role of the architect is changing. This guy is a clear example of the new generation, he is able to succeed in different fields of architecture simultaneously. As an architect making all scale projects, as a publisher editing great books, as director creating an innovative institution. Don´t be so jealous Marcos, i am sure you don´t improve what he is doing in any field.

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