I was recently interviewed by National Public Radio’s On The Media for a show that aired this past weekend. We talked about architectural models, Die Hard, special effects and renderings, Saddam Hussein, Albert Speer, and so on. I sound pretty inarticulate, to be frank, but I’m still excited to have been on NPR. You can read a transcript of the show here, or you can download the MP3. The entire program was about urban and architectural space: check out all the segments through On The Media’s website.

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  1. I thought you sounded fine–certainly not inarticulate. Nice job. I’m usually out of the house by the time OTM comes on here (Chicago) but I’m glad I managed to catch it Saturday, it was pretty interesting.

  2. I don’t know – I appreciate the positive feedback, but the first minute or so of my talking makes me cringe!

    Thanks, though. I’m glad someone heard the show.

    How’s Chicago, by the way? I was born there.

  3. agree with noah! that was tight, geoff, truly. that they harvested the prime clip of alan rickman from diehard only added to the piece.
    and everyone cringes when they hear their voice played back….

  4. The Die Hard sample rules – that was awesome, I think. I’m glad they included that.

    You know, though, we also talked about A View to a Kill, the James Bond film, where the bad guy, Max Zorin, played by Christopher Walken, takes a bunch of Silicon Valley businessmen up into a blimp over the Bay Area… where they proceed to look at a model of the Bay Area, plotting their seismic coup. But I think I flubbed my description of the scene, because it didn’t make the cut.

    But thanks for listening to the show – I appreciate it.

  5. You sounded great. I missed the intro so I thought I was listening to a random intelligent NPR guest, but felt extra happy when I learned that this guest who had the wit to use Die Hard to make his point was also an author on a blog I really enjoy.

  6. Geoff, don’t worry about your voice! Playbacks are horrible, horrible things.

    It’s too bad the A View To Kill bit didn’t make the cut. I was inspired by your post about it to use it as an example for a presentation on regional economics ages ago.

    The idea was, why would an international conspiracy of baddies, in the middle of a historic process of globalization, need to destroy a region in order to gain control of microchip production?

    I know that’s a bit more boring than tectonic warfare… but I just wanted you to know that your mention of that movie ended up getting me a perfect grade 😉

  7. Glad everyone heard it – that’s exciting.

    Exurban, that’s really cool that you could spin View to a Kill into a perfect grade! Congrats. You can always use that film again if you take a seismicity class…

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