Elastic Houses

[Image: Maison elastique by Etienne Meneau].

Don’t miss the maison elastique, or elastic house, a modular system of somewhat theatrical scaffolding, by Etienne Meneau – “made for those who like instability.”

[Images: More views of Elastic Houses by Etienne Meneau].

One or two of those might be fun to bounce around in here in California during an earthquake… Deformable grids absorbing tectonic shock. Popping back into place. Waiting for the next one.
There are some interesting videos on Etienne’s site.

3 thoughts on “Elastic Houses”

  1. Check out Architects Duel IV in a couple weeks if you’re in NYC: we’re going to have architects designing structures for a post-oil world using a very similar material. But they’ll be doing it live, in front of a big crowd, with cocktails. Should be fun.

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