Event 14312160

About twenty minutes after writing the previous post, I felt my first earthquake out here in L.A. It had a magnitude of 4.6, with an epicenter near Chatsworth; it struck at 12:58am local time; and it’s being referred to as “Event 14312160.”
Check out the official shake map of that experience.
Our apartment trembled for a few seconds – as if a large, but totally silent, truck was rumbling by – before the building, which is on stilts, sort of jolted.
That was it.

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  1. Event 14312169. Not reviewed by human.

    You should put that disclaimer up on some posts and see if anyone notices.

  2. Hi Geoff, how are you? It’s been a long long long time. I hope you are well. Glad to hear you enjoyed you’re first earthquake. I’ve been out here six years and haven’t felt any… lucky bastard.

    anyhow, i just found your blog and will spend numerous hours (i’m sure) reading all of your posts. Good luck with your move to SF.

    maybe I’ll hear back from you, maybe not. It’s refreshing to read your writing.

    – Carol

  3. Hey Geoff,

    Do not get too comfy with these quakes.

    Keep an earthquake survival kit handy. The kit should contain a couple of gallons of water, flashlights, all band radio receiver, 1st aid kit, blanket, gloves, and plenty of non perishable food.

    I experienced the 1994 Northridge quake, and the worst part was the lack of water and the way people cope with the aftermath.

    During 5 days post the quake, that January 1994, I ended up having to
    bathe at the pool in the Hilton Garden Hotel over by Magic Mountain.


  4. My first as well. I was up reading. That rumbling was a bit humbling. After all, this could’ve been a lot worse.

  5. Hmm, the techtonic plates are moving… We had a minor quake as well here in Manchester midday on Friday.


    That’s Manchester, England, where you rarely get any noticeable quakes at all. But I noticed this one since we had a “swarm” of them in 2002 which was very weird, scary even when the house started shaking late one night.

    One thing that struck me about visiting LA was how broken up the sidewalks and roads are from the movements in the earth. Or is that just more of the crumbling infrastructure?

  6. nice blog!
    that wasn’t an earthquake.
    here in chile we call it a “temblor” means, “trembling” or “shake”.
    take care!

  7. the sidewalks in LA are usually broken up because of tree roots. second, random crumbling. earthquakes don’t usually have too much of an effect, as far as i’ve seen. i lived in LA during the 1994 northridge earthquake, and besides a 6-7″ gap in the asphalt in the middle of our street (semi-creepy – the earth’s opening up to swallow us whole! ha), the streets and sidewalks were fine.

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