Sci-Fi Mecca

So it looks like Wired liked our science fiction and film panel, held last week.

[Image: Courtesy of Mark Goerner – here’s a large version].

The four panelists, Wired writes, showed “art that’s rarely seen outside the film studio: pictures of otherworldy and futuristic cities that special effects crews and CGI geeks use as blueprints to build the backdrops for outer-space fights, alien worlds and castles fit for dragons.”
Read more – and see a lot more images – at Wired.
Meanwhile, some more background on the event can be found here, on BLDGBLOG – or you can even check out ARCHITECT Magazine‘s coverage of the event (although, if you read that article, note that the date for our second screening has been moved from May 9 to May 22).
Finally, if you were there, thanks again for coming out!

5 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Mecca”

  1. Stumbled upon your site from the Wired article. Your event looked fascinating. I’m interested in attending the rescreening on the 22nd. Same time (8-10) and same place (wind tunnel)? I assume you’ll just screening the featured films and will not be doing a panel discussion? Thanks!


  2. None of it is even as optimistic as Syd Mead (and forget about comparing it to Robert McCall). It’s plain to me that most of my fellow humans are afflicted with some mental disease that causes severe depression, and are now incapable of even creating an imaginary world where they can be happy.

    I wonder when the culling will begin?

  3. I don’t see how you would read optimism or pesimism from any of the work… I take it you associate white (and maybe green) with optimistic and black (and probably brown) with pesimistic, and therefore, not seeing anything white and “clean” you assume our humanity is depressed. I think there is an optimism in realizing that one can live in a world that is overrun by energy, means of transport, means of communication, and, well, dirt and trash, and the dark things in life. Happiness, as you hopefully know, is subjective. I would be curious to see what imagery to you reads as optimistic.

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