The Fountain

[Image: Resembling the birth, or perhaps death, of the universe under studio lights – or a black & white alternate ending to The Fountain – this is a sculpture by Michel Blazy from 5 Billion Years Later, at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, photographed by booce. The image is best seen in its original size].

4 thoughts on “The Fountain”

  1. thanks for linking this, mr. bldgblog!

    i think it’s a cloud who decided to sprout legs and take a walk around the city. like things got turned upside down, and we’re suddenly inside the sky too.

  2. This is almost savagely great! But I can’t help thinking that I’d be able to get more out of it without the high contrast light patterns. It’s almost like it can’t handle the ambiguity (which I find to be the tasty parts) and defensively tries to impose a structure.

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