The Hearth at Thunder Edge Knoll

Real estate magnates: if you have to name your newest subdivision, look no further. The below grid does it all for you.

The Quarters at Eagle Shire Place, perhaps? Or maybe The Plantation at Hawk Falls Run? Tough choice. I might have to go with The Harbor at Coyote View Cove. Or The Refuge at Buffalo Peak Ridge. The Summit at Wolf Tree Point.
As Curbed LA points out, the Southern California version of this table is still waiting to be made. In which case I hope to see, say, The Cañon at Dolphin Mesa.
The Villa at Del Hercules Grove.

(Grid and original idea from the DenverInFill Blog).

8 thoughts on “The Hearth at Thunder Edge Knoll”

  1. For LA, I suggest the Hacienda at Arroyo Gulch Canyon.

    These developments might be nicer with more technical names, though (e.g., the Conurbation at Subduction Syncline Creek).

  2. Here in Southern New Jersey, every new condo or community seems to be named after trees, often pines, for obvious reasons. My favourite one around here is “Lost Pines”, because at least it accurately describes what happened on that site. It always amuses me how all these developers seem so intent on naming their carbon copy monstrosities after the very woods they bulldoze down in order to put them up, especially since I have to think the irony is entirely lost on them.

  3. Yes! Yes! The typical neighborhood does tend to name their development after what they destroy! I like the one here in Charleston : “Burnes Down” As, It names itself after what “should” take place to the general mess…

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