Your Hidden City: Results

A while back, Tropolism announced Your Hidden City, an urban photography contest. Now, more than one thousand photographs later, the results are in…
Instead of one overall winner, however, each juror will be posting his or her favorites, allowing for different standards, tastes, opinions, etc. So, as one of those jurors, I chose… the following:
My personal favorite was this laundromat in Honolulu, which comes in under the category of “Best Hidden Place”:

That would make an absolutely killer book cover, for instance.
For “Best Natural/Urban Overlap,” I chose this one:

For “Best Vantage Point,” I went with the bean by sgoralnick:

For “Best Density,” I chose another photo by sgoralnick (I really like this one):

And, for “Best Building,” I chose this mausoleum-like horror movie grid/void, aka the Université Henri Poincaré in Nancy, France, photographed by a good-looking Norwegian man:

C’est tout. It was fun. Maybe we can keep this going, do a seasonal thing…
Actually, here’s a runner-up for “Best Hidden Place”: hevy, for his/her documentation of Miami’s Ballardian back-side, of which this is just one example:

Thanks, everyone – and congrats – and check out the other jurors’ picks, too: architechnophilia, Miss Representation, Polis, Life Without Buildings, and, of course, el tropolismo himself.

3 thoughts on “Your Hidden City: Results”

  1. Outstanding snaps. That bubble one looks good. Also sgoralnick has good collection. I wonder what camera is used.

  2. hey geoff, thanks for your kind words/votes/etc on my images. the pool was pretty daunting, so much amazing stuff in there!

    s: a canon 20D was used for those images.


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