10 thoughts on “Other subterranean structures”

  1. Why have you turned off full posts with text and images in the feeds, yet again? Please, please, please, please, revert back to full-text-and-images feeds, thanks!

  2. And extra points if you do it while alternating between partial and full feeds, driving Roland Dobbins insane.

    I’m at the char bagh with John Milton. He’s talking shit about volcanology. Where are you?

  3. I’m boating past you with Shelley – he says there’s something up ahead… looks like Westminster…

    Something about ruins…

    The building isn’t offering full feeds…

  4. Roland, for the record, I have no idea why the feeds go back and forth like that. If it’s not too much trouble, you can always check BLDGBLOG instead of its RSS feed until that’s sorted out – but it’s nothing I’m doing on my end. Sorry about the frustration, meanwhile – and your persistence is inspiring!

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