Alluvial terrains

A composite of riverine meanders, ancient hydrological scars in the earth of California, Owens Valley, like glimpses of old Chinese landscape scrolls –

– taken from the satellites of TerraServer. Fossilized wakes and side-streams, eroding banks of fractal continents. Silt on silt. Everything ending in self-similarity.

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Meanwhile, see Pruned‘s uploaded set of geological investigations from the lower Mississippi alluvial basin.

5 thoughts on “Alluvial terrains”

  1. Will do.

    Meanwhile, the originals of the above images are more than a foot wide, and I’m still in awe. If you go to the TerraServer page I link to up there and kind of click around, to the west, you’ll find the dried-up remains of Chinatown‘s Owens Lake. Remnant waterforms. Spectral inland seas. I think hydrology is possibly the most interesting force on the planet right now. If it was up for the NFL draft, it’d be quarterback. Hydrology : the planet :: Vince Young : NFL.

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