Student projects 1: The carbon tower of Manhattan

[Images: I don’t know a thing about this project, other than I like it (perhaps minus the green ramp) and that it’s described as a “design school, student union, + dormitories” for the New School in Manhattan; I ran across it at Archinect’s student projects gallery. If you know anything more – including the designer – be in touch! Meanwhile, I truly believe that if an energetic group of architecture students teamed up with some good writers – BLDGBLOG would surely lend a few – the greatest films ever produced could come out of it. Whole cities – entire planets! – designed down to the subsurface bedrock. Floating cathedrals, cities of carbon, canyons carved from lead walls, auroral coloseums. With Oscar-nominated soundtracks. Films, illustrated books, TV pilots. You’d make millions. Put Archigram to shame…].

2 thoughts on “Student projects 1: The carbon tower of Manhattan”

  1. Do you know who did it? And, yeah, it was up on the Archinect frontpage for a while, so I looked it up in student projects after it disappeared. As the title of the post implies, however, there’s another student work coming up. Probably before Christmas. Who knows at this rate, though; time’s flying.

    Jav, any new year’s resolutions?

    Well: anyone, any new year’s resolutions?

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