For the record

The New York Observer thinks BLDGBLOG is “adorable,” and that its author has taken to impersonating Brad Pitt on Archinect

…but neither is true.
However, I will be playing Brad Pitt in an upcoming documentary about male virility. Watch for it.

11 thoughts on “For the record”

  1. Fantastic… all because of an aprils fool! Ohh… btw. keep us updated on the documentary about male virility 😉

  2. Well… an April Fool’s joke that didn’t actually start on April Fool’s, so… you tell me. Meanwhile, the documentary has lots of torso shots: prepare youself. Also, j.zen, in reference to an earlier comment of yours, you and I have also both posted the Euclidean agriculture image and some others. Does that mean you’re Brad Pitt’s stunt-double, perhaps…?

  3. I had seen it on archinect’s frontpage, but since I’ve never heard of him – I didn’t check it out. But I’m also from europe – maybe that’s why? Browsing through the images, I’d say you’re spot on with the alley part! Thanks for the link… [reading in progress]

  4. Back again…. I enjoyed reading the article. Especially liked his views and thoughts on landscapes/art/photagraphy. Also good to hear his “stories” about how he uncovers and explore the project – and kinda get a scientific angle on things. I’m sure to dig deeper into his work, when I get some spare time. Thanks again for the link… I’m looking forward to your next article!

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